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I want to be a faculty member of TI.


  • ICF Certified Coach (ACTC, CPCC, ACC, PCC, MCC)
  • Enthusiastic and passionate for coaching
  • With experience as an Executive in multinational corporations or large private enterprises
  • With experience in providing training or coaching for major companies
  • Able to deliver both in Chinese and English, having a passion for Business Development is preferred

I would like to develop market together.


  • Passionate about coaching
  • Resourceful and resilient
  • With experience of business development or running a company is preferred

I have facilities available for trainings, workshops etc.


  • Hotels or resorts, or detached houses
  • Have separate meeting rooms, of which one has at least 100 square meters space
  • With accommodation, convenient transportation and nice environment

I have a team or an organization, we are willing to experience team coaching.


  • A team of at least 7 people
  • The team is facing challenges, or want to develop further
  • Team leaders support team coaching and look forward to having external resources to support team growth

Please do contact us. We are happy to help.