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Coaching for Organizations

How to bring out the best of your people, your team and your organization?

Team Coaching

Our team coaching is an effective intervention method for organizational change and development, is based on system theory and models. By means of TCI's unique TDA, Team Diagnostic Assessment™, and a series of ongoing team coaching workshops, team coaching enhances team motivation and produce integration effects; and it enables the team to grow and upgrade, to create a "high-high" team with high productivity and high positivity and realize fundamental and sustainable changes.

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Group Coaching

Our group coaching is to support individuals to explore and learn together when they have common interests such as achieving personal goals or common topics such as leadership or competence development. Our experienced coaches create a safe and mutual supportive group setting together with all participants, where the participants discover themselves indvidually, share and learn collectively, so that they hold their actions accountable and tap into collective knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching is to support Executives to achieve ultra-high performance with personalized, virtual/in person one-on-one development. Through a structured and partnership process, TI executive coaching will create leaders' self-awareness, influence and adaptability, focus on clear visions and goals, and drive transformational change. Our executive coaches are international certified coaches with rich corporate business experience.

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How to bring out the best of your people, your team and your organization?

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Coaching for Individuals

Talent Insight presents a variety of team coaching certification courses to support team coaches from Theory to Practice, from Classroom to Workshop, from Practice to Business.

Certification Courses

Certified Team Performance Coach™ (CTPC™)

Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC)

Come Alive XL

the Journey

Professional Team Coaching Coaches

from Theory to Practice, from Classroom to Workshop, from Practice to Business

The Journey for Professional Team Coaches

Certified Team Performance Coach
  1. Start the systematic learning journey of team coaching.
  2. Master the systematic operating methods, models, and tools of TCI team coaching.
  3. Learn, experience, and practice the core competencies of team coaching.
Come Alive
  1. Practice team coaching with real teams and debrief, led by TCI supervisors, practice-feedback-reflection​.
  2. Complete 3 team coaching projects.
Team Coaching Supervision
  1. Build up coaches’ team coaching ability continuously through reflective dialogues. Enhance the personal growth and cultivation of team coaches to benefit both coaches and their clients.
Team Coaching Master XL
  1. Improve the comprehensive ability of team coaches and cultivate the ability of developing and implementing team coaching project independently.