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Certified Team Performance Coach™ (CTPC™)

The Road to Becoming a Certified Team Coach Starts Here


CTPC is a professional team coaching certification program from Team Coaching International (TCI). TCI was the first coaching company to offer a team coaching certification, the Certified Team Performance Coach(CTPC). 

Target Group

– Dedicated professional coaches for team projects

– Professionals for human resources, organization and talent development

– Individual coaches, Facilitators, Trainers, Consultants

– Team leaders

About CTPC™ Program

Once you enroll CTPC™ program, you will get full supports: 

– 3-day Master Class

– 2-day Come Alive

– 6 times Accelerated Learning

– 1 hour 1:1 TCI Faculty Mentoring

– 70 hours practice


Upon completion of all the above training and practice, you will get the certificate and 73.5 ICF cceu’s. 

Through this program, you will:

– Start the systematic learning journey of team coaching.

– Master the systematic operating methods, models, and tools of TCI team coaching.

– Learn, experience, and practice the core competencies of team coaching.


    Jane Zhang
    Jane Zhang ACTC, MCC, TCI Faculty
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    I am Jane, your CTPC™ program co-leader, I am looking forward to meeting you in our program!
    Jessie Feng
    Jessie Feng ACTC, MCC, TCI Faculty
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    I am Jessie, your CTPC™ program co-leader, let us start your professional team coach journey together!
    Peter Hard
    Peter HardTCI Faculty
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    I am Peter, I have been supporting teams for decades in more than 40 countries. I would like to share with you my experiences.
    John Sandahl
    John SandahlCTPC, TCI Faculty
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    I am John, I am honored to co-lead CTPC™ program with my faculty colleagues to start your professional team coach journey!
    Sally Wei
    Sally WeiPCC, TCI Faculty
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    I am Sally, welcome to CTPC™ program, you will not learn team coaching skills and competences, but also practice with real team.

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    HR, OD, Facilitator, Team Leader and Individual Coaches


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