Who you are as a coach is how you coach

Team Coaching Supervision

Build up coaches’ team coaching ability continuously through reflective dialogues. Enhance the personal growth and cultivation of team coaches to benefit both coaches and their clients.

Why Team Coaching Supervision

As a team coach, you have been working hard to support your teams and want to bring the best in them, you have been always thinking about HOW?Do you know, how you coach is who you are as a coach, so who are you as a team coach?You will find more answers to this questions and gain the insight about your who you are in our team coaching supervision class. Additionally this supervision hours are accredited for ICF ACTC application. 

Target Group

– Team coaching practitioners

– Those who are planning to apply for ICF ACTC

About Team Coaching Supervision

– Online coaching supervisions for a group of 6-8 persons.​

– 3 supervision sessions, once a month, 2 hours each time​.

– Focus on the coach’s being and mentality, and what they indicate about the coach himself. Reflect on the impact the coach has exerted  consciously or unconsciously on the client. ​

– Coaching supervision time exceeds 5 hours, the minimum required by ICF.


Angela Cusack
Angela CusackACTC, MCC, ICF Supervisor
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I am Angela, your Supervision Leader for this course. I will introduce to you a highly interactive and refelctive experience where clarity arises from having an open space to consider the "who" I am and "how" I am impacts how I listen, look and coach. Please join me.



Team Coaching Supervision

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Team coaching Practitioners
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